What You Need to Know About Being A Security Guard
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The security profession can be a fulfilling and rewarding career. The reasons why applicants choose the security field can be varied. Some of the reasons cited include wanting to give back to the community, helping to keep their communities safe, and goals in future careers such as law enforcement, security management, and investigations. 

What Do Security Guards Do? 

There are various duties that are required of a security guard. Some security positions require detailed training and qualification requirements. Security is a serious business and security guards are responsible for the safety of both people, property, and financial assets. There are positions that are unarmed as well as armed in the security field, and armed guards receive extensive and valuable training in the use of firearms. 

Whether you are an armed or unarmed security guard, there are various duties that are performed during your day-to-day work activities including: 

Patrol: Walking the perimeters on the outside of a building and inside the building areas which include stairwells, alleys, office areas, restrooms, electrical rooms, and other spaces. 

Report Writing: Security guards must be detailed and accurate in report writing. In the event of an emergency, accident or possible theft, the security guard must write factual and detailed reports of what occurred, where it occurred, and who was involved. Daily shift reports are also written to ensure that the entire security team is always aware of what is happening in their work environment. 

Watching or Reviewing Cameras: All businesses and most multi-family dwelling properties have CCTV monitoring systems. Part of the security guard’s job is to monitor the areas covered by CCTV cameras. In the event of an incident or upon request of management or other entities, they must be able to review video coverage and create a copy of that coverage for distribution. 

Securing Entries and Exits: Some businesses and other properties have secured access entries and alarmed exits. A code or key card may be required for entry and a security guard may be stationed at particular locations in order to monitor the ongoing traffic. Key cards are sometimes forgotten, lost or stolen, and a security guard must ensure that the person has authorized access into the building. 

Escorts and Special Events: A security guard may be responsible not only for watching over people and property during special events but escorting others who carry money, valuables or sensitive materials to other points within the building. The presence of celebrity or high-profile people also require extra precautions or procedures if needed. 

These are only a few of the duties a security guard will perform, and each job will have its own particular requirements and need for expertise. The security field provides numerous opportunities for training and advancement both within the field of security and law enforcement. There will always be a need for security guards and the demand will grow in the years to come. 

How Do I Become A Security Guard? 

Background screening is a requirement for all applicants in the security profession. Criminal background checks are an integral tool for employers and some employers may also require a credit check. The nature of background screening will depend on the nature of the position you are applying for. Level of responsibility and the nature of the job will determine the extent of background screening. 

If you are looking for security jobs in AZ, the state requires security guards to be registered with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). You must be authorized to work in the United States and be at least 18 years of age. An unarmed security guard must have an offer of employment prior to registration and complete 8 hours of pre-service training. Armed security guards must have 8 hours of pre-service training but must also attend 16 hours of firearms training. A refresher qualification in firearms must be done annually for armed guards. 

The demand for security professionals is high and has steadily grown over the last five years. Security guards are trusted public citizens who must demonstrate integrity, vigilance, and professionalism. Critical thinking and keen senses are also qualities that place a security professional in high demand.