Various Techniques Applied to Locate and Drill Crude Oil
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Crude oil is a special liquid that is formed under the surface of the earth. Its formation involves the combination of sulfur and carbon compounds. However, the process of these two components combining takes years to happen. There are earlier efforts that have been registered for attempting to extract this special valuable material from the earth’s crust. 

The first attempt took place in the 19th century. The techniques that are used to detect and locate this material mainly involve instinct and blind speculation from the experts. Nevertheless, there are several methods that are used to acquire the commodity from beneath the earth. 

The following are the common techniques that have been applied to find and extract this valuable commodity. 

The Method Used to Discover Crude Oil

Still, there is no accurate and complete proof method that geologists have confirmed to be an accurate method to discover crude oil reserves. However, there were ideas that thermal enhanced oil recovery was the best method to harvest heavy oils. The only most efficient technique that geologist approves and is still used up to date is the seismic reflection. 

The seismic reflection method has a seismic satellite that transmits radio frequencies to all potential crude oil deposits. The transmitter then delivers the information collected to a computer. The content received is then conveyed to a computer which is in use and then produces information needed in an electronic model giving crucial details of how the earth’s crust looks like 

Common Crude Oil Drilling Methods

Extraction of oil by use of pipes has been the long used technique. It’s still the most popular technique of acquiring crude oil. Since the introduction of drilling sites, the use of pipes has been the common method of acquiring this lucrative product. 

Earlier drilling techniques focused on directly placing the pipe into the earth. However, today’s drillers are more advanced and can place the pipes at different angles. According to experts, angled drilling can be termed as the most effective and successful method compared to vertical drilling. Angled pumping techniques are rounded in order to easily revolve in a ring getting to other deposits that have crude oil in one geographical location. 

Crude oil drilling can also be conducted in oceans. The same technique is applied. However, in order to accomplish this type of drilling, special types of systems are required since the bottom of the ocean may not hold the pressure exerted by a standard rig. 

The strategy applied in order to have a strong and durable platform anchored to the ocean’s floor can be very expensive. All shallow drillings should be conducted on rigs that are strong and durable. Non -stationary rigs like barges and boats can also be used to discover crude oil reserves and also extract from small locations. 

There are other numerous methods that are applied in oil surface mining. However, these methods are quite limited. They include strip mining, terrace mining open pit method, and a combination of terrace mining and strip mining. A variety of fuel products are made from high quality drilled crude oil. Some of these products include regular gasoline and diesel fuel.