The Importance of Film Cores

First of all for those of us who might not be aware of what a film core is even if we have happened to actually see one along the way, these are specially formulated storage containers for films. It was determined along the way that allowing a film to remain on their metal reels while in storage wasn’t a good idea since the metal did nothing to protect the film quality and perhaps even led to corrosion of the film reel as well. It was actually proven that although the metal reels were ideal to play the film, these could actually cause curling and even tears if someone were to actually store them on reels That is why the specially formulated plastic film cores were created and started to be used. These provided good protection from corrosion over time and harsh elements. 

Film Cores in Film Restoration 

Back in the eighties, it was discovered that several classic Motion Pictures of eras past were becoming endangered. This, of course, included the silent film era movies that included such iconic actors as the amazing Charlie Chaplin. Other films that were discovered to also be endanger were iconic well-known classics as “On the Waterfront”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and “The Ten Commandments” just to name a few of the movies that to this day are still viewed by countless generations. So, in order to preserve these films, the National Film Restoration Society was created. The entire process took painstaking hours of work to bring these films back to good quality. So, once the process was finished the films had to be stored properly, which is where film cores came into play, giving those in the industry piece of mind that the films will now be stored the right way and be protected for years to come. 

Where are Film Cores Manufactured 

There are several places throughout the United States where film cores are produced. For example, a place like Film cores louisville ky, which stands to reason since this area of Kentucky actually has its own film restoration society. As for the types of film cores that are produced, these usually come in plastic but sometimes in paper as well, these will also come in the standard sizes of 16mm or 35mm to fit the precise size of the film being used. 

Film Cures Industry Moving Forward 

As we move forward with technology and film enters into the digital era, it stands to reason that film cores will start to change as well. The manufacturers have come up with new innovative ways to ensure that the film cores continue to serve their purpose of storing and preserving film. The formula has been changed to include ways to ensure that newer technologies such as digital will be preserved in storage. So, despite just being a simple plastic casing to wind film for storage, the importance of film cores is obvious. Films tell a story perhaps a personal story that we as individuals want to maintain about our lives. Then, of course, there are the classic films and even current ones, these are also a time capsule that needs to be preserved.

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