Creating Additional Space For The Walls
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For many homes, shelves add additional storage. They can be a way for you to display pictures of your family and friends or to display the trinkets that you have collected over the years. There are a few other ways that you can incorporate these small ledges in your home that are fun and practical. 

Use reclaimed wood to make floating shelves by transforming them with wallpaper, paint, or other materials. A floating system makes it easier to change the design of the shelves on the walls and put them in any room of your house. An office or living room would be ideal locations in your home for floating shelves as you can decorate them to match the features in the room. 

Another option for shelving Fort Worth TX companies can install would be to make a large bookcase for your children. The shelves can be attached to a wall so that they look like different levels but without taking up space as a traditional bookcase would. You can easily display the covers of books for your child to see, creating a theme with the books that are used or organizing them by grade level or age range. You can also create this kind of bookcase for adult books if you don’t want to keep your reading selections hidden from view. 

Use wine boxes to create shelves anywhere in your home. You can display everything from magazines to flower vases. A benefit of these boxes is that you can turn them in any direction depending on the space that you have in the room. They are good to use in corners or on walls that seem empty. If you want to get creative with the shelves that are in your home, then make them out of materials that you might not normally use, such as copper pipes and a coaster. These would be good for displaying small pictures or small trinkets instead of larger items. You could hang these in your bathroom or in a smaller room of your room because of their size. 

When you attach shelves to the walls in your home, you can get creative with the materials that are used to suspend them and hold them in place. Colorful ropes that match the paint on the walls are an option to consider. For a soft look, you can use leather straps that are a light color. These materials allow you to easily take the shelves down when needed or when you want a new look in the room. 

Instead of throwing all of the old books away that you have in your house, decorate them with colorful paper or paint, attaching them to slender ropes that you can hang from the ceiling. Space the books out far enough so that there is room to display the things that you want to showcase in the room, such as a decorative bowl or pictures. A pegboard is a good background to use for shelves as you can adjust where they are located.