How to make my room look sleek  
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The feel and atmosphere of a room often starts with the decor. The colours, texture and style of the room will have a big effect on how it makes people feel. A sleek style room will give the impression of class, professionalism and cleanliness making it a good choice for commercial properties and homes alike. The word sleek is often used to descried things that are smooth and glossy, in interior design it is a minimalist and simple design that uses neutral colours. To achieve an elegant and sleek room, you need to consider how the room is going to be used, this will help you to pre-plan your design.

One of the first things to consider when looking at creating a sleek style room is the floor, this is especially important for commercial spaces where there is likely to be heavier footfall as well as moving furniture displays etc. around regularly. The floor of a room plays a large part in the overall feel and look of a room. Vinyl Floor Tiles are a durable and therefore popular choice for flooring as they are considered a low maintenance flooring choice. they are often used in areas that have a high foot fall and need to be maintained as a clean and/or static free area. Another benefit of Vinyl Floor Tiles if the choice of colours and patterns that make it easier to match them to the rest of the room.

J H S Carpets are one of the UK’s leading supplier for commercial floor coverings and have over 50 years’ experience working with commercial companies. They have had a selection of Vinyl Floor Tiles on their website – in a range of colours and styles. They have helped a number of companies from hospitals to hotels.

Ones you have chosen your floor for your room you can look at the walls. To achieve a sleek design, you want to try to stick to two to three colours. So, keep this in mind when you look at the walls try to choose pastel and light colours to open up the room and help it to feel breathable. This works especially well for small room as it makes the most of the available space. You can also use a contrasting darker colour to highlight features of the room and help to bring out details. Black and white works well with sleek styles and can be a good option as it is easy to find furniture and decor that will fit into the room.

When you look at the furniture of the room look first at any that you need to have e.g. storage, desks or tables and work out where they can go. Remember that the key to sleek is minimalist but you also want to make sure you have enough storage and surface space to store everything.