Important Things to Bring When Meeting With a Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you have found yourself in a bad financial situation, then you might have been doing your research about your options for making things better. While doing your research, you might have come across information about filing bankruptcy. If you’re toying around with the idea of possibly filing bankruptcy, then you might have made arrangements to meet with an attorney from a bankruptcy law firm pelham al. When going in for this initial meeting, make sure that you bring along these things. 

Your ID and Social Security Card 

Generally, you will be required to provide your bankruptcy attorney with a form of ID, such as your driver’s license or your state-issued ID. You will also need to provide your social security card. Bring these things along with you to your first meeting so that your attorney can go ahead and add them to your file, and you will have one less thing to worry about. 

Your Tax Returns 

In addition, it’s a good idea to bring along copies of your tax returns. You will generally be required to turn in the tax returns that you filed over the past couple of years. In addition to going ahead and having your tax returns added to your file, this is also a good way to show your income to your attorney. After all, your lawyer is definitely going to need to know about your income so that he or she can help with things like determining whether or not you qualify to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Your Check Stubs 

Even though your lawyer will be able to get a good picture of your financial situation by taking a look at your tax returns, it’s still a good idea to bring in your most recent check stubs. After all, your income might have changed since you last filed a tax return. Your lawyer will need to know about your current income in order to help you. 

Your Bank Statements 

In addition to your tax returns and your most recent paycheck stubs, you will also need to bring along copies of your bank statements. Don’t just bring the statements from the bank account that you use the most, either. If you have multiple bank accounts, then you will need to bring along copies of statements from all of those accounts. 

A List of Your Bills and Debts 

Lastly, you will need to gather up all of your bills and information about all of your debts to bring to your meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer. This can help your lawyer get an idea of how much you have to pay out each month. It can also provide him or her with information that can be used to start putting together your bankruptcy case. 

Of course, you will probably have a chance to bring necessary documents to your lawyer later on. However, it’s not a bad idea to bring what you can with you to your initial consultation. After all, this can help you help your attorney to get your case handled as soon as possible.

Tax Attorneys, Fraud Percentages and Statistics

There are quite of few people that will at some point in their lives need to utilize a tax lawyer. Especially, if you are a business owner or an organization that accept numerous contributions and participate in different activities that causes money to flow in and out. Tax lawyers are coached to go in and look for ways that a business can save money. They’re prepped to have a trained eye when it comes to identifying the best ways to save their clients money. 

In 2017 there were 584 tax convictions. There were 67,742 cases that ended up in court or were investigated for tax fraud. So, as you may notice, the number of cases that actually led to a conviction, were much less than the number of cases that were investigated. When you are being investigated for tax fraud, one of the best things to do is to surround yourself with people that know tax law. Hiring an attorney in many cases can save you time, money, headaches and embarrassment. 

The average offenders are white males, which is 52.4%. Persons with no prior convictions carries a very high percentage when it comes to tax fraud, with an average of 80% out of all offenders. The amount of monies under the amount of 100,000 were an average of over 19%. The monies that involved over that amount up to 1.5 million averaged over 87%. 

The five districts with the highest tax convictions are: 
a. Northern District of Illinois with 35 offenders 
b. Northern District of California with 31 offenders 
c. Eastern District of California with 29 offenders 
d. Central District of California with 25 offenders 
e. Eastern District of New York with 23 offenders 

The average amount of time that a person who is convicted will serve is 17 months. The amount of damages that is done to the country as a whole when it comes to persons evading their tax is considerable. In 2006, the total amount loss do to tax evasion was a soaring $376,000 billion dollars. In 2008, it was the same amount and in 2008, it went down slightly to $357 billion. Between 2001 to 2010 the number of persons that managed to evade paying their taxes were in the trillions, $3.09 trillion to be exact. 

In the US, we have federal, state and local taxes that we must pay yearly. Taxes are imposed through payroll, income, property etc. Also, a few other ways are capital gains, imports, dividends, estates, gifts etc. However, taxes are more heavily exacted on labor income.

Tax lawyers are educated in all areas of tax law to make sure each client is given proper representation. If you are in search of a tax attorney kansas city mo or a tax attorney in mobile al you can be sure to find a lawyer that has the highest level of expertise in field of tax law. The training and education involved in becoming a lawyer, doesn’t stop, it continues via continued education for the duration of the profession of the attorney. 

When choosing a tax attorney choose one that is articulate and determined. Choose one that actually care about his clients and their well-being. Sometimes word of mouth can be a useful tool when looking for the perfect candidate.