Considerations when Buying a Used Tractor…Farming Gear is Not Cheap! 

Let’s face it; farming equipment is not cheap at all. As you search your local classified sections for a tractor for sale oh, remember that there are some things to keep in mind. You can save a great deal of money by purchasing a used tractor, but you can also fall into a lemon as well. What if the farmer before you had a casualty loss because of a fire or a storm? He could be trying to sell you a fire or storm damaged tractor. How do you know what to look for to determine this? 

Certain Red Flags will Present Themselves… 

Often times, when dealing with fire or storm-damaged equipment, certain red flags will begin to appear. Has the device been repainted? A fresh paint job can sometimes be a dead giveaway! It should be considered in combination with other things as many farmers will paint devices prior to selling. Think about the seals and rubber parts. If you see brand new seals, or brand new rubber components replaced, in combination with a fresh paint job then you really could be dealing with a fire damaged machine at this point! A lot of times metals, plastics and other components will need to be replaced also if the machine was fire damaged. Too much new can often mean some sort of damage is being concealed. 

What else Should I Check on a Tractor? 

Now that you know how to spot serious damage, what else should you check when you are shopping for a used tractor? Well, you need to crawl around checking for leaks. You need to have a look at the tires to make sure that they wear evenly so they will grip your earth correctly. It never hurts to climb up and try out the steering to make sure that it is correct. 

You are going to Want to get into the Engine Compartment for Sure! 

This is the part of the process that some shoppers of used machines mess up on. You need to be sure to lift the hood up and watch carefully inside of the engine bay as the machine runs. You will be checking for much the same stuff that you were checking for on the outside of the machine! Is anything leaking? Does anything look new? Is there an unusual amount of new components under the hood? A true inspection involves the body, the wheels and also inside of the engine bay. 

What about Maintenance Logs and Documentation? 

Just like with looking inside of the engine bay, this part of the process will often go overlooked. A good farmer, that used the machine correctly and responsibly, will have some sort of maintenance logs that he or she should be willing to share with any potential buyer. On top of this, any good farmer would keep documentation from when he had to take the machine in to get serviced or when he had to buy parts for it. This advice should also be followed when buying any used car.

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