Topsoil For Gardening And Landscaping 
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When planning your garden and landscaping projects, soil will be one of your major considerations. Topsoil is the right soil for healthy flowers, plants, shrubs and lawns. Topsoil is composed of sand, clay and silt in the right mixture to provide the best growing environment. The black dirt of topsoil is is full of organic matter that makes it easy to till before planting for the best growth and vitality of your plants. Once you have picked your spot and plants to be grown, further nutrients can be added to the soil with fertilizer, compost and mulch. Sprinkling 2 to 3 inches of topsoil over the area and tilling it to mix with the ground dirt before adding the rest of the topsoil incorporates it. Adding an inch or two of compost while tilling helps the soil stay rich in nutrients and as loose as possible for good drainage. 

There is a difference between garden soil and topsoil. Just like topsoil, garden soil contains a combination of clay, sand and silt, as well as various minerals. Garden soil mixtures may be targeted to a particular type of plant or garden, such as herb gardens, flower gardens or vegetable gardens. It is best to find out about any organic matter and sand to make sure it mixes well with the soil you already have in your garden. When assessing your topsoil, a mixture of under 52% sand, 7 to 27% clay and 29 to 50% silt is best. Topsoil generally does not have as much fertilizer or organic matter as garden soil. Garden soil may be mixed for a specific type plant whereas topsoil is a general purpose soil ideal for landscaping. If you are covering a lot of space, a mixture of both topsoil and garden soil may be the way to go. 

Replacing the soil of your lawn or garden is impractical, but adding soil maybe needed to extend or raise your garden beds. Before buying topsoil, find out the pH of your soil and add the new soil to match. Tilling the soil, adding a layer of the new soil, than add the rest of the new soil and fertilizer before planting prepares your soil for optimal growth. A professional, such as topsoil puyallup wa, can help you make the right choice. Check your soil carefully to avoid unwanted plant life, such as weeds, in the mix. It could also have other unwanted debris, such as rocks, trash and twigs. 

This could also be a problem with mulch and manure. Manure may contain grass and other plants that remained undigested as it passed through the animal. To avoid this, make sure it has been properly composted for at least a year to kill the plant life. Bulk mulch may contain shredded hard wood or ground pine bark. It may contain stems, leaves or vegetative matter that can steal the nitrogen from the soil unless it has been composted for at least a year. Avoid buying mulch that is made from shredded pallets, scrap wood or pressure treated lumber because it may contain destructive insects such as borers and termites, or harmful chemicals. With these gardening and growing tips in mind, your garden will flourish. Remember to replace nutrients every year for continued success.