Some Mail Room Tips For You And Your Office

Your mailroom is a busy part of the office and you might not realize just how much work is done when it comes to both incoming and outgoing mail. If things in the mailroom are not running smoothly it can cause a lot of problems for your business that could cost a lot of money when it comes to lost items and productivity. You have to make sure that any parcels that need to be delivered somewhere quickly get there in a timely fashion and also arrive there safely. While it’s important that the people who work in the mailroom do their best, it’s also important that their co-workers who rely on their services do their part to keep everything going out on time. 

Package Mail Properly 

While it’s nice when your co-workers bring you packages that are already boxed up and wrapped, it isn’t something that always happens. Unfortunately, a wrapped package that wasn’t done correctly can be more difficult to deal with than a package that isn’t wrapped. Not only do you have to wrap it the right way to get it out for shipping, you have to be careful to unwrap it without breaking or damaging anything first. 

Teach your co-workers how to wrap a package correctly. You can do this by purchasing or making instruction posters or taking a few minutes to teach your co-workers who are having problems themselves. Set up a station that has everything that is needed to correctly package an item for shipping. This includes tape, boxes, mailing tubes, and envelopes along with many other office supplies that go along with mailing. Keep everything organized and encourage everyone to pick up after themselves and keep the mailing station looking nice after they are done so everyone can use it without problems. 

Make Sure They Have The Right Info 

While it seems like common sense that someone would have the address of the person or organization that they are mailing something to, this isn’t always what happens. Before someone leaves the office after dropping off a package, make sure that you know everything that is needed when shipping. This includes a return address, the recipient’s address, and other details such as contents if the material needs to be declared. Let your co-workers know the consequences of not including all of the information that is needed. It can cause a lot of delays and extra work for everyone involved as they try to track down who is sending the package and the extra information that was not included. 

Provide Enough Storage 

If everything is crammed into the mailroom, things are likely to get lost or damaged. Make sure that there is enough room provided for the packages that are leaving the office or they may end up lingering around the building for longer than they were supposed to. Packages are also likely to get lost as people will start placing them wherever they find a spot for stuff in the mail room.


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