Scrap Metal Saves Energy And Money 

Scrap metal recycling has many benefits including savings in energy, reduction of pollution and a reduction in mining wastes. In the US alone, scrap metal had a value of $90 billion in 2012 and exported $28 billion in scrap commodities to 160 countries. The scrap industry has added more than 15,000 jobs and has a work force of 463,000. It also created revenue for state, federal and local governments equaling $10 billion. The manufacturing and industrial industries turns much of the scrap metal into new appliances and building materials. Scrap metal is also used to manufacture automobiles, industrial containers, and plumbing. 

Aluminum and steel are recycled for new food packaging. Canned goods are packaged using some recycled metals and many are made entirely of recycled materials. Containers can become scrap and in less that two months be back on the shelves of stores as new food and drink containers. Recycled goods are in homes, used as fixtures, lighting and furnishing as well as part of your roof. Scrap iron and aluminum are used to build railroad tracks, roads and bridges. 

When scrapping or recycling metals, they are usually divided into two types. The less expensive metals are usually ferrous including iron and steel. These can usually be identified by a magnet sticking to them. Non ferrous metals do not contain iron,such as brass, copper and aluminum, and are worth more. Non ferrous metals are further divided into precious and exotic metals. Precious metals include gold, platinum and silver and have a higher market value. Exotic metals contain elements that are considered rare, such as lithium, mercury, cobalt and tungsten, to name a few. Organizations like the scrap metal buyers chicago il can help you obtain full value for your scrap metal. 

There are places who reward households that recycle for their efforts by the pound and even by the can, but scrap metal is usually sold in bulk quantities. Those with large quantities can take their scrap metal to scrapyards or junkyards. Steel makes up the largest portion of recycling in the US. Cans, steel containers, appliances, construction materials and automobiles are the bulk of steel and iron recycling. The steel industry has been recycling for more than 150 years because it is cheaper to recycle than mine and manipulate new iron ore. This benefits both the economy and the environment. Recycling steel and other scrap metals can also result in higher quality metals when processed. 

Recycling scrap metal helps to lower green house gas emission, reduce energy consumption and helps preserve natural resources. It also helps keep cleaner air and water. There are many online resources to help you learn about scrapping and recycling including those that tell about the current prices for scrap metals. Prices fluctuate but can still be rewarding for those who want to benefit from the economic and environmental benefits. Scrap metal also offer the artistic a chance to create works of art such as statues, sculptures and mobiles. Even the artwork created may bring a good price. Recycling is one way to help sustain the world you live in.

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