Importance Of Focus In A Business

Running a business successfully is not for the faint of heart. Unless you are really good at it from the start and have run a business before, it involves a lot of time and energy and above all, attention to details. This means making sure that your time is not wasted in doing things that would cause a distraction. 

Take for example, the case of Daniel who owns a restaurant business in the suburban part of New York city. Plenty of construction workers throng his business on a daily basis from dawn to dusk. Sometimes, the line is too long even to place an order. However, Daniel decided to pursue his hobby of trading stamps on the side. Money-wise, this hobby is bringing very little to the business revenue, and stamp collectors are not his prime customers. Still, Daniel spends a considerable amount of time in a day collecting rare stamps that he is reluctant to give up. Not only his hobby costing him money, he has been losing customers since this side business started. Daniel is not the only one distracted from unwanted and misdirected activities. There are plenty of other business owners who would have otherwise spend their valuable time and limited resources in doing what is good for their main business. 

The moral of the above story is, running a business is a serious thing, one that requires your full attention. No amount of money can compensate for the lost time and customers. You can certainly have a hobby but not when it has the possibility to compromise your work ethic and financial goals. And let us not forget about having the right mindset and professional attitude. Your passenger vans Kirkland WA business maybe open from 9 to 5. There may be breaks in between. But once you are a business owner, your mind cannot wander off during those breaks. Time is of great essence in a business like running a fleet of commercial vehicles. Your family may need your attention. A couple of personal activities may be in the back of your mind. You may be setting up yourself for an upcoming half marathon conducted by a charity organization. However, not focusing on what you are good at – your business – will prevent you from reaching your goals. 

A survey by a UK company called Novell found that employees waste two to three hours a day doing activities that are counterproductive to a business. What is more, these activities can be annoying to customers and some of which may even be dangerous. For example, checking personal emails on a business computer may compromise security that is meant to protect data and information pertaining to the business. Your business security system is designed to filter out harmful intrusion, but not all systems can be protected. Usually, some security software won’t block the content of certain unknown spam emails. This is just a simple example of what can go wrong when activities not related to business is involved.


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