How To Prepare For CBAP Certification Exam?

The Certified Business Analysis Professional Certificate, famously known as the CBAP has created quite a ripple. This certification is designed to help you derive desirable results. The International Institute of Business Analysis designed this course to get professionals to the next level without being forced to be a Project Manager. The application process is designed to keep under-qualified people from entering into this stream. It is strictly advised that you complete the development training.

There have been previous instances where this has stopped people from giving the exams. This three-hour exam will seem extremely short when you are attempting it. Prepare and practice. Before you start to give up and go watch a new movie, here are a few simple steps that will make the exam a cakewalk.

  • CBAP Is Easy, There Are So Many Materials Available On The Internet:

Please disconnect your WiFi. There are actually one too many materials available on the internet that will intimidate you, confuse you, and worst of all, they are not completely reliable. Choose to pick books instead of downloaded materials and things will go smoother. Keep track of the syllabus and model papers and then start preparing. This will save you time and a lot of wasted effort. Pick the first available BABOK you can find. This is a book titled ‘A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge’. Consider this your pocket guide, reference book and every other book you can think of.

  • Beware Of The Question Banks:

Usually, your research and learn from the question bank. On the contrary, you need to research the question bank before you get one. This will shape the course of your preparations and greatly impact your exam score. Like we already discussed, time is not in your favor, so practice is the key. Always time yourself. Having said that, do not choose to take a full test until you have read and reread the BABOK. Once you are confident that you have covered the topics, it is time for you to race against the clock in an actual test. When challenged with scenarios-based questions you are looking to score about 70% minimum. Once you have achieved this consistently, you are just about ready.

  • The More The Merrier:

It is always advisable to have a study-buddy. You can either pick a friend and suggest you do it together. If not, find someone who is already on the track. This will ensure that you stick to the schedule and also make taking practice tests competitively and will give you the zeal to perform better. One small gesture like this goes a long way on the day of the exam. Doing more than necessary also applies to the available practice tests. While theoretical knowledge is very much needed, relying on them alone is a bad idea. Take time out and practice, practice, and practice again.

  • Spend Hours Practicing And Practicing:

While practice makes a person perfect, planning and strategy are the need of the hour to ace an exam like this. Have a set schedule and study material you will follow. Have milestones marked for every test you are planning to take? Try to adhere to the schedule. This is not a tough exam to take but an organized one. Once you see it from that point of view, everything will be crystal clear and it makes preparation so much easier. Good luck!

  • Know Inside-Out of Knowledge Areas

Well, the best tip you could. Learn from the professionals is to become the master of the knowledge areas of your study guide. From knowing the input and output to tasks related to the knowledge areas, you need to master the technique to link with the tasks during application.

Also, the CBAP certification is totally worth the money and effort because people who select this course are guaranteed to benefit from lots of learning concerning business analysis. So, what are you waiting for? You must prepare for the CBAP Exam (The Certified Business Analysis Professional) since it’s one of the best certification exams considered in the corporate world. Did you know that Profesional across world life takes this certification?

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