Fire Safety and the importance of the Fire Extinguisher

In every home or business, it is only sensible to practice proper fire safety protocols. As one can imagine, this entails having access to a fire extinguisher. Many may downplay the importance of proper maintenance and care for the fire extinguisher as people can be prone to not thinking ahead until it is too late. It is a much safer plan to make sure that proper care is given towards the fire extinguisher as it can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency. 

A common question asked by anyone who is concerned with fire safety in their home or business in Aurora is how can you know if your fire extinguisher needs service. This is a good question to ask and one of the most simple ways to know is if your fire extinguisher has been discharged, even just a little bit, at any point recently. If it has, then it should be recharged as soon as possible. If there has not been any recent discharge than you can check the inspection tag that should be hanging on your fire extinguisher. On this tag, you can see a hole punch that will indicate the month and year when it was last serviced. Most likely it will have been serviced within the last year, as all are required to be serviced yearly. If it has not been serviced within the past year, that can be a serious problem as it can be classified as being non-compliant and you could be fined for a violation. 

When you think about buying a fire extinguisher for your home or business it is a good idea to consider all of the sources for fire extinguishers Aurora CO. While the easiest solution may seem to be just to buy a cheap one from a major retailer and get it over with, this may lead to consequences down the line. In the event of an emergency situation, you are only going to get a single chance to utilize your fire extinguisher. Given this fact, it only seems prudent to provide yourself with some piece of mind by purchasing the best quality available. Fire extinguishers that are sold by major retailers may also not be of the same quality as one that is purchased through a qualified distributor. A retail fire extinguisher may also not be approved by a local fire department which is whole other headache to deal with. This is because it may not be certified or have the proper inspection tag. All in all, it is best to simply pay a little extra and have the added security. 

Along with an extinguisher of excellent quality, it is a good idea to practice other fire safety habits. This includes having a plan for all member of a residence or employees in a business. Everyone who is regularly in the building in question should know and should have practiced a fire escape plan. You should also have smoke alarms on every level of the building.

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