Denver, Colorado: The City of Many Industries

Denver, Colorado is a diverse and robust city with jobs available in many different fields. There are many general labor jobs Denver Co has to offer, most are in the STEM industry (science, technology, engineering and math). There are more than a dozen major industry sectors across the state and about seven large industries including manufacturing, aerospace, bioscience, defense & homeland security and energy and natural resources. Denver is also a city that has a unique landscape. People visit to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains, ski, hike and take in the sights. These industries also offer many opportunities for general labor jobs in many industries like recreation, tourism, wellness and transportation. 

Manufacturing Meets the Rocky Mountains 

Jobs in manufacturing are readily available in Denver. There are thousands of manufacturing companies across several industries like food and beverage, energy, aerospace and electronics. Aerospace engineering is one of the largest industries in Colorado. Several companies manufacture telescopes and other products to help astronauts and researchers see what lies beyond Earth. Manufacturing is also an industry that’s always being studied and researched. Large universities like the University of Colorado at Boulder and the Colorado School of Mines are a great resource for both jobs and continuing education in this field. 

Tour the Beautiful Colorado Countryside and Cities 

Denver, Colorado is right in the middle of it all. Denver itself is an up-and-coming city with great bars, restaurants and museums to enjoy. But a trip to the relaxing countryside or ski region is just a few hours away. There is a large array of things to see and places to work in this canyon state. Tourism is a very strong industry in Colorado. Colorado has 7.7 percent of the nation’s tourism jobs, with the hospitality industry being the second largest employment industry in the whole state. Travel spending generates nearly 165,000 jobs in the state. 

Keeping the Wind Blowing and Turning it Into Energy 

Denver, Colorado has a great mix of many energy and natural resource industries. The unique makeup of the state allows the oil and gas, wind power and solar power industries to all thrive simultaneously. Renewable energy is a thriving and growing industry that employees are always needed. These industries are only expected to grow, making Colorado a perfect place to get a job and thrive both personally and professionally. 

Work, Play or both in Denver’s Booming Outdoor Recreation Industry 

Colorado’s diverse landscape means there’s always something to do and explore. Mountain biking, skiing, hiking, camping and hunting are all big recreational activities in this state. Recent statistics found that 71 percent of Colorado residents participate in an outdoor activity. Thousands of people work in these industries making sure things run smoothly when people go to have fun. 

Denver, Colorado is a great place to live work and find a general labor job. In many industries, jobs are available now and with the state’s proven success rate, it’s a place to settle for a long time. With so many industries finding a general labor job is a simple feat, the hard part might be choosing which of these exciting industries to work in.


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