A Better Communication Alternative for Small Businesses
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Many are times when we start an application process then get stuck after finding out that we started with insufficient information. The question that comes up subconsciously is do I have to waste more time trying to figure out where to find more data? It is an unworthy stress letting more uncalled for delays put you back in completing your application processes. You not only waste more time and money but your patience is also put to test. 

On average, a person takes 5 seconds to read a text. Several credit unions have confirmed that 9 out of ten people will take less than a few minutes to get back to you via text. Using this same concept, imagine how this can help a stuck person beat those deadlines without breaking their backs. It is a straightforward solution; just text. Things are even threefold simpler compared to days and ages of waiting. If someone’s address or contact information is missing, how about just text them and find out? The availability of different business SMS service provider is a lifesaving rescue tactic that has proven to be worth people’s time. This reflects directly in the appreciation of loans, accomplishing of more applications and the opening of more accounts. 

When companies target to attract new members to their products, the main strategy is always seeking to give special offers. While these works to some extent, it is quite costly to maintain the promotion of such opportunities in platforms like online ads and commercials. The smooth management of a credit union is demanding and finding an alternative to the daily headaches can be of great relief. A solid connection between the members and employees is more than necessary and relying on emails and phone calls can fail to serve the purpose most of the time. Text messaging comes in as a lifesaver head on again. It not only makes the member’s lives easier but also makes their work more efficient. 

Therefore texting as a mode of communication for businesses and credit unions is the better option. Logically, if you were to reach out to 20 people in your team via email or phone calls, chances are it will take days to get the email responses or not reach their phones at all and have a handful call back if you leave a voicemail. These numbers are not encouraging at all especially if the information to be passed is of great importance. You are not only losing your time but your money too. A simple text message sent to everyone makes the difference. Studies show that 99% of texts get read and as mentioned earlier it only takes a person 5 seconds to get back to you. That is not too much to ask, is it? 

There are different ways in which texting can be used for the better running of a credit union or any other business venture. One of the main things that come in handy is ensuring that those whose loans are due are notified in good time and therefore avoiding unnecessary friction.