Self Storage Facilities Continue To Grow Across The World
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Self-storage is an entrepreneurship activity involving the renting of storage units known as containers, locks or even rooms by tenants for the storage of tenants’ luggage. This activity is sometimes known called device storage. The duration of renting the rooms depends on the reason for choosing to use external storage units to store property but most facilities prefer renting for short duration basis. Renting rooms are designed with varying sizes because storing is usually dependent on the tenants’ choice of goods. Tenants range from individuals relocating or organizations who want to save on hiring an extra room to serve as a store. Taking the United States as an example, the number of occupied units of storage is estimated to range between 44-52 thousand.

Self-Storage Facilities Explained

Most facilities and firms providing self-storage services provide the short term plan for using the rooms. Although agreements for long term basic apply, most if not all facilities discourage individuals from storing household goods from using the space provided for purposes of residence. Facilities which value customer service offer packaging supplies like boxes and locks in a fair price. Trucks are also available for renting for interested tenants and new tenants are allowed to use the truck for free. The tenant keeps his goods in the rented space by their own lock and key. Employers hired at self-storage facilities are not allowed to access to whatever is stored in the space. This is unlike warehouses and reduces the risk of tenant’s goods being stolen. The insurance of the goods stored in case of destruction can be covered by the insurance for sale offered by most facilities. Tenants insurance can also be used if the tenant has insurance covering items in a storage everett wa in premises.

The Distribution Of Self-Storage Facilities All Over The World

A study conducted by the Federal of European Self-Storage Associations in 2014 published a result which was showing the distribution of self-storage facilities all over Europe. In this report, The United Kingdom an estimate of 975 stores country, France is estimated to have 430 such stored all over, Spain is said to have 210 such facilities and countries like Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. The stores spread over Europe are estimated to cover about 75 million sqft. Self-storage services in the United States are estimated to cover about 236 million sqft, in Australia, they cover about 39 million sqft. Rates vary in different countries and continents. In the United Kingdom, for example, rates depend on the square feet the property occupies, the medium and means of transportation, the time is taken to load or unload from the trucks and the rates at which traditional storage facilities use because it is always an option.

Situations When Tenants Do Not Pay

In some instances, tenants may be unable to pay due to several factors. Some may not be genuine or the tenants do not value the goods stored in their units. This may force the self-storage facilities to conduct auctions to pay their outstanding debts. The first step involves notifying tenants through certified mails and then give them a grace period to repay their debts. If the tenants do not repay, a public notice is given for the sale or auctioning of the property.