Selling Scrap for Extra Cash

Many people have a hard time making ends meet and could really use a second job. The problem with that is not having any time left for family or friends. If you find yourself a few bucks short this week, or every month, you may find that a little ‘side hustle’ is what you need. 

There are plenty of legitimate opportunities to make money on the side while not giving up all your free time. Buying and selling is an opportunity and you will notice many people selling restored furniture. That’s their side hustle. These people are buying old yard sale finds, painting them and then selling at a premium. This is a great way to earn extra money but there is also a lot of time involved in restoration and advertising the pieces. 

What do you do if you need to do something that doesn’t take any specialized skill? What can you do if you won’t want to take up all your time on days off? If you can take the time for some phone calls and a little research, you may find a niche in the scrap metals business. A lot of people have junk cars sitting around. Old mobile homes that people want moved off property are a source of metal. Building sites and sights where buildings have been razed to make room for new ones are prime picking sites. 

Collection of aluminum cans is made simple if you place cans in certain locations where you might make some calls to get permission and possibly pay a percentage to those who own the locations where you place your cans. You get to drop the cans off for prompt, on the spot payment after being weighed. 

If you pay them a bit and offer the service of coming to empty the cans one or two days per week, you make their workplace cleaner and save them the money of paying someone to do this task. You also pay them a percentage of the total you are paid. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Aluminum, copper and other scrap metals can pay a decent price per weight. 

An older person can collect old copper wire from building sites, take it home in a bucket and sit in front of the television while they strip the plastic coating from the wire. Copper pays a good price. For this reason, the unfortunate problem of homes being broken into for the purpose of stealing copper wire has become an issue in the states with the highest drug use issues. 

If you do collect scrap metal, make sure that you are doing it in a legal way, with permission or from obvious garbage. Then look for the scrap metal services Hamilton OH has to offer and you’ll be earning money in no time at all. Do not go into dark, unsafe places and use protective shoes, clothing and eye protection when you are on worksites, just in case. It is always better to be cautious than to suffer the results of any accident that could happen.


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