Uses for Aluminum in Industry

Aluminum can be found in different grades and shapes. As such, the type you settle for is dependent on its intended use. Based on what you intend to use it for, you can rank the characteristics of each grade from the most notable to the least important. This will, ultimately, help you narrow down to the most suitable grade. 

Let’s suppose you want to choose aluminum that works best on weldability but less on strength. In such a case, you will have to go for Alloy 100 that works best on weldability but is not typically used for high-pressure applications. When looking for the best aluminum for your project, therefore, it is advisable that you keep the following factors in consideration: 

  • Weldability 
    • Workability and Formability 
    • Machining 
    • Heat treating 
    • Corrosion resistance 
    • Typical end use application 
    • Strength 

Interesting Facts About Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most common metals you can find within the earth’s crust, but it does not come naturally as a metal. Instead, its ore, hereby known as bauxite, is mined before being refined chemically through the bayer process. This process leads to the production of an intermediate product; aluminum oxide or alumina. Through an electrolytic process, alumina is then processed into pure aluminum. 

Uses for Aluminum 

Aluminum can be used for several purposes across industries. This is especially in areas like transportation, packaging, aerospace, building and construction. Being a global industry, aluminum production happens in most parts of the world. So, if you are looking for the best aluminum St Paul MN ensure that you do enough research to find the best dealers for quality aluminum. 

Some of the common locations where bauxite is mined include China, Australia and Africa. Based on this, there are various notable alumina plants across the world. This includes Eastern Europe and Russia. After being produced, aluminum products are shipped globally to deserving markets. 

Notably, aluminum is currently on the cutting edge of technology. This can be seen from the way research and science careers are now sparkling with opportunity. In fact, there is a research currently underway to manufacture an aluminum-air battery that is touted to run a modern electric car for at least a thousand miles. 

You can also use aluminum to make fun stuff. For instance, its powder is commonly used in making fireworks. Etch-A-Sketches also make use of aluminum powder on their screen’s backside. So, no matter the use you intend for aluminum, always ensure that you get the right grade for the right purpose. 

Aluminum may be just the right product depending on your use and needs. Delivery can be done as fast as one day. This should give you the peace of mind to work on other errands. Since size matters, many locations offer a wide range of sizes based on your preference. What’s more, there is no order quantity, so you can order a sample or a truck load. With a wide selection of alloys, you can rest assured that your needs will be met conveniently.


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