If You’re In The Cannabusiness You Need To Understand The Importance of Chillers
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Thanks to the astronomical growth of commercial Marijuana cultivation people who’d never heard of the process before are trying to learn all they can about “Chillers.” They are a necessary part of getting your Cannabis crop ready for market because they ensure harvested plants and live specimens don’t become infected with toxins or pests that would make them “unsellable” to consumers. Environmental controls are just as important for the Marijuana industry as the veggies in your local grocery. 

Chillers Allow Complete Control Of Indoor Grow Operations 

Without the use of any Cannabinoid Chiller indoor grows are not as successful as they could be (especially in hot climates). The same applies to operations in areas that can go from 40 to 75 degrees in less than a day. Their job is to maintain a steady, healthy temperature indoors regardless of the weather outdoors.

Basics of How A Chiller Functions 

Through vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration liquid is cooled for heat transfer. Both systems work through utilization of a liquid refrigerant which converts phase to gas inside an evaporator absorbing heat from water that needs to be cooled. This gas is then compressed back into liquid form via heat rejection through a condenser. 

Vapor-Compressor Chillers

Have four major parts. The compressor, condenser, evaporator, and metering device. Refrigerant gas goes from the compressor to the condenser which rejects any heat energy to cooling water or air outside the unit. 

  • Heat transfer enables refrigerant gas to condense into fluid form that is then sent to the metering device. 

  • The meter restricts flow of liquid and pressure decreases. Lowered pressure causes warm fluid to change from liquid to gas and this absorbs heat from water. This process is known as adiabatic flash evaporation. 

Absorption Chillers

  • Use heat to drive their refrigeration cycles rather than a compressor. The Absorption method requires two fluids which are typically water and an absorbent such as a lithium bromide solution or ammonia. 

  • After separation and recombination in the absorption cycle low pressure enables the water to change phase more easily and the two liquids working together promote easy absorption. 

Cooling towers are essential to either method. Heat energy taken in by any Chiller needs to be expelled into the atmosphere somehow, and this is where the towers come in. You will find rejection devices for evaporated heat (cooling towers) in all larger chiller systems. 

Now you have a general idea of what to expect from a Chiller system but there is so much more to learn. Considering that knowledge is often the key to success or failure of any venture if you are serious about running a profitable Cannabis grow operation more detailed study of this subject is a must. 

Remember, it doesn’t take much of a temperature fluctuation to ruin your entire crop, especially if you grow for a medical facility. Even a difference of one degree can mean you get to start all over again. So, is education and investing in a good Chiller worth it, you bet it is!