Learn to live like a Trucker
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Have you ever wanted to just get away? Have you ever had the urge to just hop in your car and drive far away? The open road can have a persuasive tone to most with a lust for adventure. Or maybe you want to possess a career that is a bit more profitable than most. If you have had those urges then taking an auto heavy rigid vehicle course Geelong is exactly what you need. You may be thinking what does learning how to drive trucks have anything to do with living a life on the road or having a profitable career. Well, as a matter of fact, it can be the ticket you need to turn your dreams into a reality. The average truck driver makes anywhere between 40 thousand to 70 thousand a year, the highest paid even rake in up to 80 thousand for their hard work. Additionally, there is an abundance of companies that hire truck drivers to carry out long-distance deliveries across the country and even into other neighboring countries as well.

Although in order to obtain a career in this field, you must acquire a special kind of license that allows you to operate vehicles at those sizes. There are 5 different types of licenses needed in order to drive the 5 different kinds of rigid trucks. Light rigid, medium rigid, heavy rigid, combination rigid and heavy combination rigid, and the heavier the truck the more skill that is required from the driver. Obtaining any of these licenses will be a two-part process. The first being a theoretical course and the second being one that is a bit more hands on. In the theory portion, you will cover all of the textbook knowledge on operating vehicles of that magnitude. While in the practical lessons you will learn about the entirety of your vehicle, like size, width, reversing and turning. You will also be educated on loading cargo and passing inspections, along with a variety of other more minor things.

The one condition is that obtaining one of these licenses requires you to invest a bit in yourself. Classes can cost roughly up to 2 hundred dollars, therefore if your out to get each individual one, it can cost you over a thousand dollars. My recommendation would be to start with one and work your way up to obtaining the rest. With the amount of income you will see when you land your first truck driving job, you will have more than enough money to assist you in achieving the rest of your permits. Who would have expected that pursuing a career in truck driving could set someone up for life? It is almost everything anyone with a craving for adventure could ever ask for. Traveling the country, while getting paid handsomely to do so. Life on the open road can be a very peaceful way to live and an education in truck driving can be the fastest way to get there.