The Importance of Naming Your Website

There are many ways to brand and to market your business online. Many resources online for starting a business talk in depth about how your business should have a website. If your business does not have a website many people do not trust that it is a legitimate business. 

Domain name acquisition is a key portion to your website. The name of your website can determine a lot for your business. It is someone’s first impression of your business. Your digital introduction is what visitors will see first. Your search engine optimization, or SEO, will also be affected. 

Let’s review how to choose a domain name that works for your business. 

  1. Generic or Brand-able? 
    Being creative and having a unique twist will be remembered better than any generic name. If you are in the business of selling cookies the domain name is bland in comparison to This is how your customs will remember your business. Describing the type of cookies will make someone want to click through on the future promise of tasting delicious cookies. 

    You can also create new words that are catchy. Use a thesaurus to find other words. You can also use a domain name generator. 

    2. Easy to Spell 
    Make certain the domain name is easy to type. If there are numbers and other information in the name others may not remember it as easily. Make the domain name easy to spell. If you have to explain the spelling, then it will not be easily remembered. 

    3. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens 
    In some cases, this may work, yet in others, it may not. Will people remember where the hyphen is to be placed? Will they know that the number is not to be spelled out? WIth a hyphen, it makes it more of a challenge to explain to your audience how they can remember it. 

    4. Keywords are Key 
    Your search engine optimization, or SEO, is going to reveal the necessary keywords for your website. Using keywords in your domain could help with your listing coming out on top in rankings. There are keyword tools that can help to narrow down your choices. 

    5. Long-Term Thinking 
    From here onward you will be typing in or sharing your domain so get comfortable with what you choose. Think of how your domain name fits into the future. What are your long-term goals and how will that affect the domain name you choose today? 

    6. Is It Available? 
    Check social media to see if your domain name is available. Perhaps someone else already has the same name. You will want your domain name to match your social media profiles too. Ideally, it is best to have the same name across all networks. You will also want to avoid having any legal issues by taking a name that is trademarked. The tool, Knowem, is good to learn about your potential domain name. This tool checks over twenty-five social networks. 

    Now you are better to equipped to choose a domain name that will fit your business.


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