The Do’s And Dont’s Of Social Media Business Accounts

In today’s world, the art of creating a business and or brand has both become easier and more difficult at the same time. Through the decades, technology and innovation have provided us the opportunity to simply hope on any social media platform and begin exposing your business to the world. Although the entry is relatively easy, seeing results is a whole other game. For example, have you been swiping through your social media accounts only to run into a company’s page which either seems very personal as if one person as doing all the work or the uneasiness that it might just be a robot generating all their response? The following are the do’s and dont’s of creating yourself and your business a true credible platform on social media. 

Do Provide A Tailored-Made Account 

When creating your new business account, the first thing one needs to keep in mind is not only the content that you will be posting but how you’re posting it. In other words, your content must be tailor-made for your specific audience, but not so much so that there isn’t room to grow. In addition, posting content that helps them and not you should be paramount. Think about it, nobody wants to follow a page that is constantly advertising, therefore we recommend following the 80/20 rule. This means that 80 percent of your content should be of use to your audience, this can mean tips and advice, the rest of the 20 percent should pertain to your company. 

Don’t Post Too Often Or Not Enough 

Posting too often is one of the most annoying things you can do to your followers, however posting too little can also hurt your company. So, what is the right level of engagement then? If your content is entertaining enough than twice a day at separate times of the day can be ideal, in addition simply responding to questions or concerns directly from the account can be very beneficial to the company. 

Do Maintain One Strategy 

The best way to create a brand that can be recognized all over the world is to create a voice for your company and stick with it. Some of the most successful alaska cruises companies in the world succeed because their voice across all social media platforms remains consistent and therefore familiar to customers if choose to search for them within another site. This can be easily accomplished by the appointment of one individual in charge of all the platforms. This will allow all your platforms to have a consistent voice. 

Don’t Just Follow Anyone 

Increasing the number of your followers is great, it means your brand is growing and obtaining exposure however, be aware of who you follow back. Following random pages and people can affect your business because your account represents the business as a whole. Our recommendation is simply to know who you’re following and asking yourself, is this person someone I want my business to be associated with. If you’re not sure about the answer then it’s best to play it safe and distance yourself from that account. 

Do Show Passion and Originality 

If you’re in a market that has thousands of competitors, the fact is that you need to deliver content that both demonstrates your passion for your service but in an original manner. All one has to do is look at the big brands and how they’ve managed to be different within their own heavily competitive fields. The fact of the matter is that if you’re not presenting an original and innovative package, people will simply continue scrolling through their feed.

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