How To Choose A Long Distance Moving Company

Moving a long distance takes quite a bit of logistical work. These types of moves occur across the interior of states usually but 12.5% involve moving to a new state and 2.3% involve moving to another country. According to this Wikipedia entry the cost of hiring a mover depends on how far you are moving, how much your stuff weighs, what time of year it is, and how quickly you need your items transported. 

Most long distance moving companies rockford il are typical in that they offer boxing materials to their customers before the move occurs. This gives people time to get all of their items packaged up and ready to go. Businesses that offer do-it-yourself moving options to customers can offer moving equipment such as furniture pads and dollies. This helps protect items from being damaged and make the process much faster and less taxing. 

This guide provides the 21 best tips for people who need to move a long distance away. The first and most important tip is to start putting together a plan as soon as you have made the decision to move. You should develop a spreadsheet where you fill out each task that you will need to complete as this will help to prevent last-minute complications from cropping up. 

Once you have developed your plan you need to make sure that you stay on schedule and get any time-sensitive tasks squared away. This includes enrolling children in a new school and getting your utilities set up and ready day one at your new place. It helps to block out time where you can focus on your move and all of the steps you need to complete before the moving truck arrives. 

You will want to find the right long distance moving company for you. You should get at least three quotes and thoroughly check out each company. Before the estimator arrives get your home prepared so that they can come up with an accurate quote where they aren’t missing big items that are hidden behind other things. 

While you don’t want to pay more than you need to for the move it is a mistake to just go with the lowest quote. You will want to thoroughly check out the moving companies to make sure they are reputable because there are scams out there that prey on movers, especially people going a long distance. The guide provides 15 questions that you should have any moving company answer before you go with them. 

You will need to update a number of things with your new address. This includes credit cards, bank accounts, magazine subscriptions, and so on. You will also need to update your driver’s license with your new address if you are moving in-state as well as vehicle registration(s). 

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may or may not cover your items during the move. You should contact your agent and go over your policy to see if there is coverage before the big day. Moving companies have a limited insurance policy which might not be enough to cover all of your belongings.

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