Apps To Use For Gig Workers
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The gig economy is extremely hot right now. Deciding when you want to work and being able to make an unlimited amount of money is becoming a norm for many people. The gig economy includes freelance work or independent contractor work. Many people who are working in the gig economy are working these gigs to make extra income. And then there are those who make enough money working these gigs to pay the majority of their bills or all of their bills. 

Working in the gig economy is almost like running your own mini business. Since there are no set hours of when you must report to work you are essentially your own boss. Being a freelancer or independent contractor offers the feel and sometimes benefits of being a business owner. If you are going to be apart of the gig economy even if it is only for a short time period, then you should set yourself up like a business. Doing this will make paying taxes much easier when tax time comes. Plus, this will offer more convenience in your work life. 

If you are apart of the gig economy there are many different tools available for you to access. All of these tools make work life more effective and convenient for gig workers. For example, mileage apps. If you work apart of the gig economy as a driver for Lyft or Uber then there are apps available to track your miles. Any car related expenses like maintenance and gas should be kept up with. All of these can be used to allow you to be exempt for certain taxes. 

If you’re a salesperson then using a Mobile Sales App will be very effective. You can keep track of your expenses and your sales. Some apps even allow for you to keep in contact with customers. Running a sales business is going to require some digital help and many apps will make your work automated. These apps work well for marketers as well. If you’re a sales rep or marketer then selling is the heartbeat of what you do and having the right tools is essential to running your sales business. 

If you’re working as an e-commerce seller selling homemade goods on Etsy, flipping items on eBay or running a dropshipping site, then there are many apps available for you to use to run your business. Accounting apps, marketing apps, human resource apps, tax apps and many more are available. These apps offer major assistance so you can focus on doing what you best which is selling on the internet. 

Being a worker in the gig economy is essentially being a business owner. There are many apps and tools available that allow gig workers to run their businesses more effectively. The gig economy is going nowhere. As time goes on we will see more gig workers and gig opportunities, therefore learning to use all of the tools available are essential to surviving in a society that will see a rise in freelance work and independent contractors.