Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Cargo: The Best Transport Containers

Shipping cargos have been highly in demand since import and export products become a part of the world market. The businessmen focused on this type of business due to its good income while at the same time giving enough taxes to their state. This type of business doesn’t work without the shipping cargos for the transport system of the products. Therefore, cargo companies have come up with the idea to make their shipping containers durable, flexible, and transportable. With the various types of products being shipped worldwide or even around the country, shipping cargo can make it possible. Different kinds of products such as dry and wet goods are shipped using shipping containers according to the customers’ needs.

  • Temperature-sensitive cargo

This type of cargo is a refrigerated shipping container that is designed for temperature-sensitive products. For example, products such as:

  • Foods (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
  • Drugs

Refrigerated containers or reefer is an insulated transport container with a built-in cooling motor. It maintains the temperature inside the unit to make sure that the products are not getting damaged. Storing these products while getting shipped maintained the products not to get damaged nor bottled drugs not to be broken. Reefers have built-in superior temperature control for the insulation process. It ensures that the temperature is maintained according to the time being set on the machinery.

  • Container capacity

Units are used according to the capacity needed and the storage space. Shipping containers come in different sizes. The internal load bars will double the capacity of the pallet storage. So, different refrigerated container variants and sizes provide alternative capacity choices that fit the requirement. If you are operating a large-sized business, perhaps you will need a huge container. Available refrigerated containers are the following:

  • 20ft cool room container
  • 41ft refrigerated container
  • 46ft refrigerated container
  • 48ft refrigerated container

These options will help you decide according to your requirements. Of course, each of these cargos has a different capacity volume. So, enough storage size can help you decide which unit you need for the products you are going to transport. Shipping products at the safest is what you expect, which these containers can provide.

  • The prices

When speaking about the prices of containers, there is a difference between buying and renting. You should expect that buying the unit can be of a higher price. But if you are getting it for your business use, then it is an investment for you. Although it has a reasonable price, you will be using it for free. So, you don’t have to pay for the rental service; it saves you a lot of cash. But if you don’t have enough to buy for the unit, then renting can be an option.